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We can offer a host of services for OEMs, Systems Integrators, and end users in a wide range of markets. Low- to high-voltage electric motors, power electronics and control systems suitable for the automotive, commercial, off-highway, marine,motorsports, and recreational vehicle markets .

Motors up to KW
Torque up to N/m
Battery pack up to KWh
RPM up to
Charging up to KW
Voltage up to
Range up to Km
Charging time to 90% min

Low voltage

Low-voltage Drive Improves the Safety and Performance of Electric Vehicles and make easy to implent them in existing solutions.

High voltavage

High voltage is a perfect solution in electrified medium and heavy vehicles. Higher voltage systems and batteries can extend the mileage range and have lower rated current resulting in reduced wiring requirement, and lower weigh


Electric motorsport powertrains and solutions for off-road, marine and circuit high performance vehicles.

Heavy duty

Heavy duty powertrain solutions technology portfolio, ensuring maximum performance and reliability.

Product line

Our diverse product portfolio enables us to be a leading player in the different markets, with systems designed to provide outstanding performance and efficiency,by creating turn-key electric propulsion and generation systems for a variety of applications and industries.


Electric motorbikes are becoming increasingly more popular as the technology continues to evolve. Electric vehicles are becoming more accessible for the daily user and as so the market is becoming more and more competitive.


EV racing vehicles are a game-changer for its technological advances. The performance progression has been really impressive, it helps consumers see electric vehicles as high-performance cars.


Automakers are racing to bring their first electric trucks. Nowadays they aren't just arguing a battery-powered truck will be as good as any other truck. They are promising it'll be better. Yuor company can part of the game.

Person mover

There is a revolution in the transport sector: the electrification of municipal buses and other intra-city vehicles.The annual growth rate of battery-electric buses has surpassing every other electric vehicle segment.


From commercial to recreational vessels, over recent years, electric propulsion has gained momentum in a wide range of marine applications. EV power system offers improved economic and environmental performance, with robust reliability and reduced life cycle costs.


Various advantages are offered by electrically propelled types of machinery, such as high maneuverability, high overall performance, and accuracy during operations. The electrification of off-highway vehicles has many advantages and the acceptance in the industry is expected to be significative.


embraces farming, forestry and turf care in the form of robotics, some initially with diesel vehicles. Mostly however, hybrid and pure electric agricultural vehicles are covered, mostly not robotic as yet.


Companies will have chances to lift their revenues by providing EV services and products. EV can help fleet operators reduce their costs by procuring and managing energy in efficient ways.

Case studies

Great stories bring to life the purpose of our work.

Law enforcement & emergency vehicles

March. 15th 21

They come fully equipped with many of the power, technology, safety and security features necessary to help keep your officers safe, sound and secure.

single-seater motorsport

March. 15th 21

The sport features electric-powered race cars. Extreme operating conditions, designed and engineered with the embedded electronics that monitor, control, including acceleration, regenerative braking, battery management, and other auxiliary functions.

Extreme off road

March. 15th 21

Far far away, behind mountains, far from the countries developed in the desert, tested in the hardest roads and tracks of the Italian Alps.

About EVIA

Evia is a company focused in Electric power train suitable for the automotive, commercial, motorsports, and recreational vehicle markets.

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